Show statistics of state trajectory


This tool is able to list the statistics of the state trajectory. It outputs the states sorted by the population. Further, it provides the number of entering a state.


clustering stats -s state_file
                 --concat-nframes NFRAMES
                 --concat-limits limit_file


Input Parameters

Parameter Description
\(\mathtt{\mbox{-}s :}\) The name(path) of the clusterd state trajectory file.
\(\mathtt{\mbox{--}concat\mbox{-}nframes:}\) The number of frames per (equally sized) sub-trajectories for concatenated trajectory files.
\(\mathtt{\mbox{--}concat\mbox{-}limits:}\) The name(path) to the limit file. It should be a single column file with the length of each trajectory. for a concatenated trajectory of three chunks of sizes 100, 50 and 300 frames: '100 50 300'.